Corporate Tax Services

We will not only assist in the creation of accurate records, we will help you to use that information to predict and plan out the future of your business. Our mission of Balance and Vision ensures that we share your goals and objectives to help you plan for the long-term and ensure you stick to that plan.  We’ll help you put together big picture strategies and financial targets that balance your personal and professional needs.


Our Corporate Tax and Financial Services include:

  • General Accounting & Bookkeeping services
  • HST reporting
  • WSIB reporting and filing
  • Corporate tax planning and filing
  • Payroll and regular bookkeeping needs
  • Year-end financial statement preparation
  • Cash flow and financing assistance
  • Insurance and liability strategies
  • Holding company and wealth management consulting
  • Government appeals and disputes
  • Shareholder agreements and incorporation work
  • Minute book completion
  • Business acquisition consulting
  • Apprenticeship credit applications


Business Services

Providing you with a strong financial foundation is the backbone of our business.  But one of the greatest strengths of our organization is the network of professionals that we have established over the years.

From legal services to marketing and advertising, Adam Shaw Professional Corporation is always pleased to “make introductions” within Woodstock’s professional community.