Personal Tax Services

For people like you and I, a simple tax return means less chance of a full refund.  This is the case because we’re often unaware of, or simply overlook the majority of potential exemptions and rebates we might otherwise be entitled to.  Aside from financial implications, a “simple” tax return can also mean the omission of important details that are now required by Canada Revenue Agency, regarding our investments and sources of income.

To uncover potential benefits and avoid common pitfalls, you first must be aware of what’s available, and then you must know what questions to ask to determine your eligibility and requirements.

Given the nature of such a task, it’s often best to hire professionals.  Our team of experienced tax professionals take pride in every Personal Income Tax return that comes across our desk, and we work hard to ensure that your return is correct, accurate and the best it can be.

At Adam Shaw CA Professional Corporation we’ve filed thousands of returns which included rebates that may have otherwise been missed.

Our experience ensures that we ask the right questions to uncover situations you may easily overlook.  We take pride in asking all the right questions to ensure our Personal Tax clients get the best service possible.


When filing your Personal Income Tax return, we consider things such as:

  • Are you the caregiver of someone with special needs?
  • Do you travel out of town for specialized medical care?
  • Do you have children that attend post-secondary education?
  • Are your children involved in sports or arts-related activities?

Personal Tax Services Include:

  • Personal tax preparation and planning
  • Reassessment appeals and CRA disputes
  • Volunteer disclosure opportunities
  • Rental property reporting
  • Proprietorship business statements
  • Disability credit claims
  • Foreign property reporting
  • Education credits including out of country